Nationality: Icelandic | Lives in: Denmark

Hilmar specializes in guiding Kundalini Humans in living with this most sacred of energies. 

He has had Kundalini active in himself for 13 years.

Hilmar facilitates Chakra alignment, cleanses, strengthens, and protects people and places. These processes assist in all stages of personal development. 

He moves his focus around working as an intuitive healer, public speaker, meditation teacher, psychic reader, inner child healing, secret initiations, trauma therapy all levels of energy work, as well as a “life coach” and genuine spiritual guide. 

The result of this cosmic integral healing work grants the light of the soul more access to the physical cells of the body creating a sacred union of body and soul.

Currently, Hilmar’s session pricing is on a sliding scale from $222-$555.

It is suggested that you pay the maximum that you feel comfortable, or even slightly out of your comfort zone in order to deepen your process. Everyone is trusted in their decision and treated with pure love and equality.

Hilmar can often be found at our online Saturday Services if you’d like to get acquainted before your first session.

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