About Memberships

Truth Dojo is a new type of social network, centered around real connection. 

Free Membership Benefits:

  • Experience an amazing group of people, deeply committed to their evolutionary process and willing to share themselves deeply to feed our collective growth
  • Receive guidance from highly skilled facilitators, in a deeply intimate format

Paid Membership Benefits:

  • Experience our amazing, expertly facilitated Wim Hof style facilitated Breathwork experiences each Monday
  • Gain access to private sessions from our highly skilled transformational facilitators


We have to keep the lights on, just like you. Running a social network inherently has tech and staff expenses. We also have families, some of us have kids, we eat, etc. We are here to serve.

Basic Membership


Access to Our Creative Social Network and Library of Free Truth Dojo Community Courses

With Online Breathwork

4 Weeks/$55

Includes Basic Access + Live Online Weekly Group Experiences

Practitioner Membership


Includes all Others + A Monthly 1 on 1 Energy Training Session

Some MEMBERSHIP Guidelines

We offer light facilitation as needed. We are constantly training new leaders to connect with their intuition and to wisely use their discernment. This is not about our being in control, but rather keeping a safe space for the blossoming of truth.

We have all been manipulated and abused in various ways. This ends here and now. We are not seeking anything from you. If you feel called to contribute , great, if not, great. This is meant to be an experience of unconditional love. SEe how it feels, see what comes up.

It’s clear that not everyone is a fit here or will resonate with the perspective presented. That’s fine, we are not here to agree. We are here to help as needed and to provide a space where the community can help each other. We do not ask anyone to leave simply based on differing beliefs. We do reserve the right to set boundaries around anti-social behavior.

It’s no coincidence that our group is called True Participation. We want to encourage your fully collaboration in this experience. We want you to practice your leadership skills. You are invited to join our premium membership for participatory access to our weekly breathwork experiences as well. No weird surprises, transparency is key.